Recently I’ve tried to draw a sketch on computer. I’ve never used to draw sketches but always wanted to. So I’ve taken Wacom Volito2 pen tablet and painted a rabbit; here is a result:


There are two ways to draw something on computer:
– By pixel. That’s how this rabbit was drawn. I’ve started ArtRage2, selected pencil tool and scribbled a rough shape. After that I was instantly switching between eraser and pencil tools to make the image better and smoother. Pen tablet is quite helpful here; it’s much harder to draw with mouse and nearly impossible with trackpad.
– With graphic primitives. This means that there will be palette with bezier line, rectangle and ellipse. You will select these primitives and compose the big image from them.

Drawing style is also quite different; when you’ve put some pixels on the surface they are unrelated elements. They are group only in undo history (unless you use layers). Image composed of primitive shapes may be tweaked at any time and generally you have much greater control over the image content. But with pixels you could create sketches much faster so it’s a better way to start drawing.

In the end I’m happy with my rabbit and want to share my impressions:
– It’s hard to start. You can’t draw a curve the way you imagine it; your hand does not obey you.
– It’s easy to erase and draw again. Soft eraser works surprisingly well and after a while it becomes a pleasure to erase and redraw parts of the sketch.
– Draw big picture and scale down; this way resulting image will be more pleasant.