Ideas sometimes visit us; we think and they grow and step out from the dark corners of our brains. When this happens it’s time to capture them so they won’t get lost inside the brain and may be shared with other people or revived later. For the small ideas TODO list may be enough – you just pin them down as strings. But for the bigger ideas that have grown up in your brain I’d recommend to use a special tool – Keynote (or Powerpoint). Here is what I consider as advantages:

– You may share the idea with other people easily.
– There are lots of controls to better structure the idea – lists, shapes with lines, charts, etc. In fact when you create presentation you help yourself to think (unless you concentrate on transition effects).
– It’s possible to embed additional data such as images and pdf files.

The only disadvantage is that you have to spend time creating presentations; but if you like your computer and software it runs it’s a pleasure, isn’t it?